Gas Compression Solutions

Our customized solutions feature activities like designing, manufacturing, packaging, installation, commissioning, after sales service and training. KPCL has been serving the Process Gas Sector in following segments:
  Salient Features:
Upstream/Midstream : High Speed Reciprocating Gas Compressors (API-11P)
Downstream : Low Speed Reciprocating Gas Compressors & High Speed Rotary Compressors (API-618 and API-619)
Distribution : Compress Natural Gas (CNG) compressors for NGV filling stations

Gas Compression Solutions ( Upstream/Midstream )

 High Speed Reciprocating Gas Compressor Packages

Engineering and packaging expertise integrated with World renowned gas compressors has provided the industry with one of the most robust, reliable and efficient Gas Compression systems confirming to API 11 P Standards.

Salient Features :
 Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Ariel USA .

 Discharge pressureup to 510 bar.
 Frame Ratings30 to 10,000 BHP.



Gas Engine / Electric Motor.

 Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled / Water Cooled for Inter-stage Cooling 
Pulsation Dampners

 Control panelFlame Proof / Purge Type
Piping and Instrumentation confirming to International Standards.

Gas Compression Solutions ( Downstream )

High Speed Twin Screw Compressors.

The Oil injected Twin Screw Compressor is used for process gas applications. Our Screw type Gas Compressors packages are custom made to the suit client’s needs.

We are the sole authorized packager of Howden (U.K.) Screw Compressors in India

 Wide range of product offerings
 Pressure range: 1 bar –32 bar
Flow range:       100 cfm – 6000 cfm
Driver:              Gas Engine / Electric Motor

Salient Features    
World renowned Howden make screw compressors
Air cooled /Water cooled heat exchangers for inter-stage cooling
Compact size
Step less capacity control
Efficient oil separation system
Designed for direct drive
Single & dual shaft seal system
Flame proof /Purge type control panel

Low Speed Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Offers Low Speed Reciprocating Process Gas Compressor Packages for petroleum, chemical & gas Industry services conforming to API 618 standards. The bare shaft compressor is manufactured by GE Nuovo Pignone in Italy.

         Pressure range: upto 5000KW
         Driver:              Synchronous / Induction Motor


     Salient Features
World Renowned GE (Nuovo Pignone, Italy) Reciprocating Gas Compressors
Shell &Tube type Heat Exchangers for interstage cooling
Flame proof / purge type control panel
Pulsation dampners
Piping and instrumentation as per International standards