About us

We, “Zixom Plast” company, are one of the eminent business entities engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of (Fully auto and Semi auto) and its required Ancillaries. Thermoforming machine, Vacuum forming machines, Pressure forming machines, Shrink Wrapping Machines (web sealing as option), Blister Sealing Machines, Skin Packing Machines, Thick walled vacuum forming machine.

Major benefits obtained by using Zixom Plast are Low electrical consumption rate, Low maintenance cost, More strokes per Minute, Uniform forming of product, More Productivity,Low Air Consumption, User friendly interface,Operator ease, More compact machine with minimal Space requirement. The servo drive as an option for Sheet Indexing, gives highly precise movement, lesser rejection leading to reduction in wastage of material. 

We also take projects on turnkey bases for PET Bottles making Plant and other Plastic plant. Available in customized form, our machines are used by several manufacturing companies Some of the applications catered by above machines are in making of packaged drinking water, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, edible oils, liquor, hare care, pesticide  Seedling Trays,Food Trays, Biscuit Trays, Grape Punnet, Strawberry Punnet, Kiwi Punnet, Mithai trays, Meal Trays, Complicated Engineering Product Packing. Blisters for Razor, Toothbrush, Toy and there are other huge applications which can be covered by these machines etc.

Who Are We

 Zixom Plast has worked closely with the world’s leading material, tooling and trade formers to develop a range of vacuum forming and other machine , which are easy to use and deliver consistent results with the most challenging applications. We are a leading provider of equipment, services and complete solutions for packaging liquids, foods, home and personal care products in PET, ABS, PVC,HIPS and other materials. We are continually inspired by the passion and creativity of our customers, who have greatly influenced the continual development of vacuum forming and other  machine ancillaries.

Our Mission

Be it building infrastructure, identifying products and technologies, creating human capital, partnering with companies, its contribution to ‘Excellence’ is mandatory at Zixom Plast for any decision to be taken. In specific, for us, keeping a customer and vendor happy is excellence, to innovate technology is excellence, to be a global player in the business of extrusion is excellence, producing a world class equipment in India is excellence, lowering cost of technology is excellence, creating value for the organization is excellence and taking care of the ecology is an activity par excellence. The broader vision thus, is to ‘excel’.

What We Do

Our aim is always to deliver the performance you need to reach your goals. To do that, we must first understand each challenge you face as a producer. We believe the best partnerships are based on continuous communication and our first step is always to establish what makes your business unique. Insights we gain about your operation will enable us to engineer solutions with equipment that performs according to your needs. Next, we apply our extensive technical knowledge and smart data analytics to create value right through your operation.

Our history

 Zixom Plast the metamorphosis was quick. It all began in 2016 with the last 10 years experience in the transformation of a modest beginning in a relatively unknown Village Neemka (Faridabad) in Haryana to an expansive global footprint with offices in India and overseas with partners world-over. Well-known in global circles as a mature and respected organisation with a zeal for quality, price consciousness and latest in extrusion technology, Zixom Plast comes with the right blend of experience, expertise and excellence.

Our Process



We want to push boundaries and discover new methods and new solutions. In search of the ultimate input-output situation and to supply you with the latest techniques,Because we truly believe that innovation makes all the difference, for you and for us.



With customer Satisfaction at its TOP Priority, Zixom Plast has always maintained its post-sale commitments irrespective of geographical boundaries to ensure maximum uptime at customer’s end. Zixom Plast supports and define all means of communication and technology to stay connected with its clients in order to listen to their queries and assist them in resolving their issues.



Good design is not just what looks good. It also needs to perform, convert, astonish, and fulfill its purpose. It can be innovative or it might just get the job done. A good design cannot be measured by a finite way – multiple perspectives are needed.



  • Ensure your equipment’s and operators reliability and efficiency
  • Train your operators for fast ramp-up and optimal productivity
  • Achieve your production targets quickly and safely
  • Maintain stable, continuous performance for maximum uptime and productivity
  • Protect the efficiency, viability and value of your assets



We are committed to your success, so when you partner with the Zixom Plast you can be sure of solutions that optimise your product and also assist you every step of the way with Zixom Plast Services, so you can build, maintain and improve your line performance and  grow your business.



Delivering business value means understanding your financial ambitions and the environment in which you operate. We are dedicated to helping you operate in an environmentally responsible manner without compromising economic performance.

Why choose us?

This is our utmost priority to keep each and every product, components of best quality and precision work.For making long term relationship and maintaining goodwill we ensure that our products are most reliable in its quality.

To avail 24/7 customer service by Zixom Plast, please lodge a request at “Online Request for Service Engineer“. You can also send the requirement of service engineers on,

Email: support@zixom.in

Results-oriented planning and reporting of projects. Thus, they are decisive for a systematic assessment of the extent to which objectives have been implemented and achieved by means of a comparison between target and actual performance. This is the basis for the results-oriented management of a project or programme.

ROI analysis can help you evaluate those decisions and make more accurate projections of costs and benefits next time. … Challenge yourself to look beyond specific purchases and projects, and considered your organization’s overall return on its investment in technology

Our Experienced Technical Support Cell has a team of Technical Experts, always with full preparedness to take customer calls for any Technical Assistance required. Further to “Trouble-shooting” extends Technical Support through a team of qualified process experts.

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