Blister & Skin packaging card

Blister cards are the backbone of blister packaging. Together, the blister and blister card provide a beautiful, highly visible presentation of your product. Blister cards can be single cards, but also used in other variations such as the front & back card combination, or the fold-over card. In the case of a single card, the blister is sealed to the card using heat sealing. Alternatively, blisters can be trapped between front & back cards which are then bonded, or a card which is folded and then bonded. Front & back and fold-over cards can be bonded using heat or even cold sealing, a process which was invented by us.

Single blister cards

Any shape is possible

A single blister card is a single piece of board of any shape desired. The board is coated with a layer of heat seal coating to bond to a blister. Single blister cards can be printed on only one side, or on both sides of the cardboard, depending on the application. After assembly, all sides of the package, front and back – the part behind the blister, can show your printed branding and instructions. After use, the packaging materials – plastic and cardboard, can be taken apart and recycled separately, and therefore, in a totally environmentally friendly manner..


Many sophisticated functions can be supported by even the simple single blister card. For example, by applying a line of perforation behind the blister, your package can be made easy to open. Ecobliss knows the secrets of keeping blister cards completely flat for attractive display, or to remain in position during an automated packaging process.


Distinctive finishing

Zixom Plast can give your front & back blister cards a distinctive finishing to perfectly suit your branding requirements. The packaging can be printed with your distinct designs in any color, including metallic silver or gold, or with matt, high gloss or soft-feel finishes. We can even apply in registration (with the printed image) a holographic background design, creating unique and spectacular visual effects – often employed for anti-counterfeiting or possibly, simply as a branding element.

Easy opening or theft resistance

Designers have a free choice in blister card and blister size and shape to combine with these blister cards. By combinations of perforation lines into the cards, your package can be made easy to open. Alternately, if theft resistance is the desired quality, Ecobliss can apply a special strengthening layer to make the blister cards tear resistant.


Many possibilities.

A fold-over blister card is a folding paperboard backer with a cut-out in the centre of one side. It folds to enclose the protective plastic blister and your product within it. Your product is visible through the plastic, and the card, which needs only to be printed on one side because of the folding, carries your product’s sales message and instructions for product use. Since after packing only the front of the printed board is visible, inexpensive cardboard can be used

Distinctive finishing.

Fold-over blister cards can be designed so as to stand stably on the shelf, through the inclusion of a wider base on the packaging. And depending on your needs, 1, 2, 3 or even more folds can be used. Zixom Plast can give your fold-over blister card a distinctive finishing to perfectly suit your branding requirements. For example, it can be imprinted with your distinct designs, transparent or opaque, and any colour, including metallic silver or gold, or with a soft-feel (flocked) finish.

NOTE : Availability of Skin packaging boards in a variety of sizes and thickness ranging from 260gsm to 1600gsm.